Handmade Quality

All our jewelry is designed and created by Kat and her team with great attention to details. The entire production from casting, stone setting to finishing takes place in New York, USA. All gemstones used in our jewelry have been carefully selected by Kat to meet her quality standard. Without exception, all jewelry is made of 100% recycled gold obtained in the USA. All diamonds used by Envero Jewelry are conflict-free diamonds traded through Kimberley Process. All gemstones are sourced from a supplier who upholds the highest ethical standards in their business practices, agreeing to the American Gem Trade Association’s strict Code of Ethics and an unwavering commitment to appropriate and precise disclosure of gemstone enhancements.

Ethically Conscious Jewelry

Gold, Silver and Platinum used by Envero Jewelry is purchased from suppliers who source from the domestic U.S. mines or suppliers who are able to verify and obtain certification that the source is DRC-Conflict Free mines. All jewelry has metal karat weight, such as 14k, 18k and pt950, etc. stamped except for certain highly delicate jewelry piece which cannot be stamped due to the nature of its design.

Gemstones and Diamonds used by Envero Jewelry are purchased from suppliers who are registered members of the American Gem Trading Association (“AGTA”), which the membership is only permitted to those dealers who conduct business in accordance with strict AGTA's code of ethics. All diamonds used by Envero Jewelry are conflict-free diamonds traded through Kimberley Process. 

Diamonds are available with or without GIA certification. For custom order ring, a customer has a choice to use GIA certified diamond or non-certified diamond. 

Diamond GIA Envero Jewelry