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Warranty and Care


Envero Jewelry guarantees the quality of its jewelry and offers a one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage from neglect, abuse, or normal wear and tear. Envero Jewelry reserves the right to determine if the warranty is void due to neglect or normal wear. Repairs that go beyond normal wear and tear may be subject to a standard fee.

Our one-year warranty covers minor repairs and resizing (if not previously resized) and the replacement of small accent stones that fall out due to manufacturing defects. Please note that resizing may not be available for all rings. For detailed information regarding sizing options, kindly refer to the listing details under 'sizing'. Envero Jewelry is not responsible for the replacement of stones lost due to bent, damaged, or worn prongs. Our warranty does not include the replacement of lost center or focal stones. We encourage you to obtain insurance for your ring to guard against the unlikely loss or damage of a focal stone.

Any modifications, including resizing performed by a jeweler other than Envero Jewelry, will invalidate the warranty. Currently, the warranty is not available to international customers.

We aim for excellence and stand by the quality of our workmanship. Like any delicate valuable piece, proper care must be exercised to ensure long-lasting enjoyment.



  • Always remove your jewelry if it could be exposed to chemicals of any kind. Remove before using lotions, creams, oils. Avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewelry.
  • Always remove your jewelry before engaging in any physical activities such as swimming, showering, exercising, heavy lifting, outdoor work or gardening.
  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly with warm water, mild detergent (we recommend blue dish soap), and a soft toothbrush. Dry thoroughly with a soft towel. (Note: Not suitable for soft stones such as opal or moonstone)
  • Check for loose prongs by shaking the ring right next to your ear. If you hear any rattling sound, it's time to get the prong tightened. 
  • Take your jewelry to a professional jeweler every 6 to 12 months for a thorough check of the prongs and settings to ensure their security.

Opals, Moonstones & Emerald
Opals are especially fragile. We recommend taking extra-special care of opals.