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The woman behind Envero Jewelry

Kat is a New York-based fine jewelry designer captivated by the beauty of the world around her. As a young girl, she was mesmerized by the beauty. She reflects on a moving experience in London when she was 15 years old. On display at the Tower of London Museum was a collection of Royal crown jewels that moved her heart. On that day, her goal was clear - to design fine jewelry.

Studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Kat audaciously pushed forward to create beautiful jewelry that captures elegance and beauty, for women, just like her, who are moved by the loveliness of the beauty around them.

Envero, the symbol of strength

The name "Envero" originated from a viticulture term, the transition of a berry from growth to ripe. It's a literal expression of maturity and evolvement furthermore creates a meaningful metaphor of the blossoming of young women. As fresh, bright green berries cultivate into sweet violet berries through stormy weather, young ladies mature into strong women through different life stages and challenges.

Kat's jewelry celebrates the triumphs of weathering the storms, the beauty of growth, and the love all around by bringing a more genuine sparkle of quality gemstones to all women in all aspects of their lives.