1.29ct ピンクサファイア マダガスカル産 SO275

$ 635.00
  • The color on this sapphire is aピンク, very close to white.
  • 1.29ct
  • 7.62x5.63x3.68mm
  • 原産地: マダガスカル
  • クラリティ: si1
  • 処理: 非加熱
  • ID: mds-o-7.62-1.29-lpk

All jewelry comes with Envero Jewelry's original certificate of authenticity. GIA grading report is offered as an additional service for gemstones larger than 3mm. For stones that are already mounted, the carat weight will be approximated.

This process takes four to six weeks in addition to the standard production time. Rush service does not apply to GIA report.

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