Emerald 6.5-7mm Over 1ct Sapphires

$ 680.00
  • Approx. 1-1.5ct Sapphires 
  • SF163: 1.1ct, 6.49x4.52x3.34mm, Heated, Montana, USA
  • SF166: 1.03ct, 6.52x4.56x3.23mm, Heated, Montana, USA
  • SF167: 1.02ct, 6.44x4.46x3.23mm, Heated, Montana, USA
  • SF168: 1.06ct, 6.53x4.57x3.17mm, Heated, Montana, USA
  • SF169: 1.07ct: 6.49x4.57x3.24mm, Heated, Montana, USA
  • SF216: 1.22ct, 7.06x5.05x3.3mm, Unheated, Madagascar
  • SF217: 1.43ct, 7.09x5.06x3.61mm, Unheated, Madagascar
  • Eye clean, may have slight inclusions depending on the stone
  • Videos of natural and indoor lighting