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$ 1,300.00


ID: sap-cu-9.3-3.39-vino
原点: スリランカ
色: ティールブルー
切る: クッションカット
明快さ: VVS
カラット重量: 3.39ct
測定: 9.3x7.7mm
光沢: とても良い
処理: 熱処理

Unless it is specified, Diamonds and Sapphires are provided without third-party certification. Gemstone certificate is available as an additional service.

A certificate is issued by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a non-profit and independent organization. The gemstone will be sent to the GIA laboratory for grading and this process takes four to six weeks in addition to the standard production time. 

All gemstones are measured and weighed before they are listed on the website and other information such as origin and treatments are provided from our suppliers who uphold the highest ethical standards in their business practices, agreeing to the American Gem Trade Association’s strict Code of Ethics and an unwavering commitment to appropriate and precise disclosure of gemstone enhancements.

Although information is updated diligently, please note that the information may vary slightly in the GIA report on rare cases. If we find any profound differences in the report, we will communicate with you before proceeding with your ring production.